January 11, 2011

Thanks Patti!

One of my Stampin' Pretty Pals, Patti MacLeith, awarded me this Sylish Blogger Award. Boy, am I flattered! :)

I'm supposed to share 8 things about myself in order to show this award, so here we go:

1. My husband and I have been married just over 2 years. We celebrated our anniversary just last month, which is a date that we share with my parents and grandparents.

2. We live in Maryland, just south of Washington DC. I don't really like it here... In fact, I wish we could move, but we stay here because...

3. I love my job. I'm an elementary school counselor and adore everything about my job. I don't think I could find a school that I'd like more, which is why I refuse to move anywhere else.

4. I don't watch TV, except for one show - Glee. LOVE IT! We don't even have cable or DVR or any of that fancy stuff.

5. Instead we watch movies! But I also don't like the movie theater, so we buy DVDs like crazy. We have quite the collection.

6. I like rainbows and organizing things in rainbow order. Everything in my house is organized this way - craft supplies, books, movies, cds, everything! It's not always the easiest to find things, but it's pretty!

7. I play in a community band and am one of two tuba players. It's so much fun!

8. I drink water, almost exclusively. I have those Starbucks insulated cold cups, which are always filled with water. I never leave home without my water!

And now, here are some blog friends, who I'm passing this award to:
Please be sure to take a peek at their blogs and say hello!


  1. Love reading about 8 things about you. I also never leave home without water! Thanks again for the award. Hugs, J

  2. I love number 6, it just makes me smile!!!! I'm trying to drink more water--but I'm in love with the Diet Coke!