April 2, 2018

18 for 2018 Progress

Alright guys. It's April! Already? So, now that we're a quarter into 2018, I should be a quarter done with my 18 for 2018 list. Right...? Ummm. Not so much... I thought I'd share my progress anyway. Let's see how things are going!

1. Build LEGO Disney Castle
I actually started this one a while ago and made a good bit of progress. And then suddenly, I just stopped... but I've made exactly 25% progress on the castle!
progress: 25%

2. Find pants that fit and look good for work
I did find some pants from Lands End that I'm interested in trying out. I'm just waiting for a good sale since I missed the last big one! Does this count as progress?
progress: 25%???

3. Create artwork for our home
I won't be able to start this one until I finish #15, but, I've been organizing my pins, which has been helping me get a better idea of what I want to make.
progress: 0%

4. Get e-mail inboxes to zero
When I posted my list, I shared with you how embarrassed I am to tell you the condition of my mailboxes. Let me just tell you that I have four e-mail accounts - Work, Personal, Hobby, and Family. I've gotten our family inbox down to ZERO! Hooray! So that's 25% progress! Right on track! And actually, if you are talking about actual number of e-mails, I think I've made about 60% progress! 
progress: 25% or 60%

5. Konmari
The big picture idea of Konmari puts items into 5 big categories: Clothes, Books, Paper, Komono (miscellany), and Sentimental Items. So if you disregard the fact that the Komono probably amounts to about 60-75% of the stuff in your house, and just go with the 5 big categories, we could say that I'm 50% done because I've finished clothes, books, and am halfway through paper. But realistically, I think I'm only about 20% done since Clothes, Books, and Paper are only a fraction of all the stuff in my house.
progress: 20% or 50%

6. Make a card organizer
progress: 0%

7. Paint a room or closet
progress: 0%

8. Read 4 new books
I re-started reading a book. That makes me sound kind of lame, but really, this is huge since I'm not a big reader. I read How to Talk so Kids will Listen & Listen so Kids will Talk last year and really enjoyed it. I even shared it with one of the teachers at my school with the hopes that it will help her communicate better with her students. I decided to read How to Talk so Little Kids will Listen as a follow up (and hopefully to teach me some better ways to communicate with my own Little Kid.) I'm only into chapter 2, so I haven't made much progress on this one, but I do think this is a book that you read slowly so you can practice the strategies as you read.
progress: about 7%

9. Start Project Life
I'll be able to begin once I'm done with #15.
progress: 0%

10. Sell stamps and craft supplies
I've sold 3 (yes, count them, 3!) stamp sets so far. Which means a teeny bit of progress, but progress nonetheless.
progress: 5%?

11. Clean the attic
I won't be tackling this one until after I'm done with #5
progress 0%

12. Make something from Pinterest
I'm still in the process of cleaning out my pins. Why I decided I needed to go through ALL. MY. PINS., I have no idea! So... I'm still deciding what I want to make. Plus, I really think my office needs to be ready for me to get crafty...
progress: 0%

13. Complete an ASCA course
I've actually made progress here! I've slowly been reading the articles and such and am happy to report that I am about half-way done with one of the courses! Hooray!
progress: about 50%

14. Finish 2016 & 2017 photo books
I've made progress here as well! I just ordered one of the 2016 books that I've been working on. I have about 7 more books that I want to finish, so I'm about 12.5% done... ugh. It sounded a lot better when I said that I finished one. Hahaha!
progress: 12.5%

15. Set up the Craft Room/Office
Okay, so in the midst of doing my Konmari, organizing my paper has helped me to organize my desk area and files, which means I've made a teensy bit of progress.
progress: let's say 5%

16. Make 12 cards
Geez. It seems that there is a lot riding on #15...
progress: 0%

17. Organize my School Counseling Curriculum
So I've been organizing both my electronic and paper lessons in my office at work, and I think I've actually made a pretty decent dent. Honestly, If I just devoted an afternoon to it, I could get it all done. The problem is... there aren't any free afternoons!
progress: about 30%ish

18. Write 18 blog posts
Technically I've just written my 5th post, which means I've made over 1/4 of the progress for this item, but since my original goal was to provide updates once I completed each item, you could argue that I've  made 0% progress.
progress: 0% or 28%

Sorry that this was a lengthy (and probably boring post since there were no pictures!) I had planned to add photos, but I've just been so busy! Quite honestly, this is more of an accountability post for me... So, thanks buddy, for being my accountability partner! :)