April 4, 2020

A Little Project Life

Hello! I hope you all are healthy and safe out there! 

I wanted to share a bit of craftiness that we have been up to while cooped up at home. 
I bought a few new things from Felicity Jane and brought out my Project Life supplies, with the intention to start working on scrapbooking some baby photos. But, I actually haven't had a chance to use any of it, because my little girl has taken over my craft space!

My little girl has recently discovered YouTube, which I know most kids enjoy. But unlike most four year olds, I'm sure, she has been watching ladies who scrapbook. Her favorites to watch are Sheree Forcier's pocket page process videos. Of course she wanted to try her hand at making her own pocket pages.

She received a little camera for her birthday, so scrapbooking her photos seemed like the perfect next step for her. I printed out a few photos for her and she got right to work! She started on the photos she took on her birthday when we took her to National Harbor to ride the Capital Wheel as a birthday surprise. 

I must admit it was a little painful to watch her dive right into all my new Felicity Jane goodies and just slap them onto her pages, but but I loved that the fact that it was getting used (and not hoarded!). Her favorites are the Jenny Word Stickers and the Chipboard Stars. I might have to order her some more! I guess now I have a good excuse to buy some more stuff, right? 

She had so much fun with her first pocket page spread that she was eager to print out some photos from her birthday party. I made the little sequin packet during her nap to surprise her. She was quite thrilled. She wanted to make presents for her gift table, since she took the photo before any guests had arrived, so I helped her tie little bows onto pieces of paper that she cut into present shapes. I've gotta say, I envy her decisiveness when it comes to crafting. She is definitely a girl who knows what she wants. 


I'm so thrilled to watch her through this scrapbook process. The smile on her little face each time she finishes a card or picture is priceless! She's now working her way through February and told us that once she is done with her four year old pictures, she will be scrapbooking her baby pictures. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to get some time to play too! 

Her scrapbooking has brought us a lot of smiles, too. We love that she frequently brings out her scrapbook to share it with us (and with anyone she FaceTimes). We look at the pages with her and read all her little captions. Yes, all two pages! Hahaha. Hoping to be able to share more pages soon! 

Take care!