September 29, 2018

Friday Favorites: Back to School

I'm trying to get better about posting here... really! I thought I'd try adding a Friday Favorites segment. Today, I'm sharing a little Back to School edition.

1. I mentioned in my last post that I recently ordered a new lunch box - this one from Ju-Ju-Be. We have one for our daughter and I really love it, so of course I had to order one for myself. It's pretty spacious, smooshes down when not in use, comes in lots of great patterns, and most importantly, keeps things cold! The bag has quite a number of non-food uses too, but we currently use one for all the snacks in our diaper bag and my new one is my daily lunch bag for work. My love for all things Ju-Ju-Be continues to grow and this is just one of my favorites!

2. Hello Trello! If you haven't discovered Trello yet, you don't even know how much easier your life could be. Organization and productivity is my jam and Trello makes it possible! It is an amazing website/app that helps to keep all the things organized. I love that you can have as many boards as you need (I have them for work, home, and planning whatever projects I'm currently working on). A bonus is that you can share Trello boards so easily. And their functionality just seems limitless! My explanation of Trello could never do it justice, so I highly recommend checking it out! Oh, I forgot to mention the best part... Trello is FREE!

Image result for printing with hp instant ink

3. Another awesome tool I use is HP Instant Ink. As you may know, I'm an elementary school counselor. What you might not know, is that my hubby and I also do some tot-school types of activities at home with our daughter. That means, I like to print a lot of things! HP Instant Ink makes it possible for me to do that without ever stressing out about how much ink I'm using up. HP Instant Ink is a monthly subscription for printing a select number of pages. What that means is if you print a full color poster or two lines of black and white text, it counts as 1 page and it doesn't matter how much ink you use up. The plans are very affordable, and it is so much less stressful than looking for good prices of ink and having it on hand, because they ship ink to your door as you are running low, so you always have ink on hand. I like the flexibility too, because you can buy more pages if you run over your plan (which I have never had an issue with) and they roll over your unused pages! Now, all I ever have to worry about is making sure I have enough paper and cardstock!
If you're interested in trying it out, use this link or referral code j6TMs for 1 free month!

4. I feel a tiny bit silly writing about a stapler, but it truly is one of my favorite school supplies. If you haven't used a PaperPro stapler yet, you are missing out! Again, sounds silly, but this stapler is a game changer. You can literally staple a huge stack of papers with a single finger. I've had mine for over 5 years now and haven't had any problems. The one pictured about isn't the exact one that I have. Mine is PINK, like all my other desk supplies to prevent them from walking away. (PS. This tip actually works.)

5. So this is a bit random, but a lacrosse ball is on my list for a Back to School favorite. They are wonderful for rolling under your tired feet at the end of the day for a foot massage! This can be useful anytime, but I like to add it to my Back to School favorites, because for me, that's when I start being on my feet a lot more and need the extra TLC at the end of the day. You can use the ball on other release points too. Have you tried something like this?

So that's it! Five Friday Favorites today... What are your favorites for Back to School? I'd love to hear!

September 10, 2018

Currently... September 2018

Hi friends! Here's what I'm up to lately...

WATCHING: Disney Movies!
We've been watching a bunch of different Disney Movies lately with our little girl. We've planned a trip to WDW in December, so we've been doing a little movie countdown with a new movie and themed snack every 10 days. So far, we've watched Finding Nemo with Goldfish, Winnie the Pooh with Teddy Grahams, Dumbo with popcorn, and Toy Story with alphabet cookies. 

READING: nothing.
After making some good progress on my reading goal for my 18 for 2018 challenge, I took a bit of a break. The start of the school year has kept me pretty busy, so taking a break from reading just seemed natural right now. I do have a few books lined up and waiting though... I just can't decide what to start up next!

LISTENING: to the Harry Potter series on audio
We started listening to the audio books this summer when we took our road trip to Ohio. I had heard such good things about Jim Dale, the voice behind the Harry Potter audio series and all those good things are so true. It wasn't actually the plan to start listening to Harry Potter at the 20 year anniversary mark, but it all fell into place. Loving it!

EATING: lunches packed up in my brand new lunch box
I've been in the market for a new lunch bag and decided to get another Ju-Ju-Be. That's right... Another one... Our daughter has a Ju-Ju-Be lunch bag and we absolutely love it. In fact, I like to borrow hers from time to time, so I decided I should probably get my own. :)

DRINKING: coffee with almond milk
I've been trying to lower my sugar intake, so I've been experimenting with various ways to sweeten and add cream to my daily coffee. Right now, I'm trying vanilla almond milk. It's okay... If you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear them!

WEARING: lots of black dresses :)
I think I'm just most comfortable in simply black or black and white dresses. Now that school is back in session, I'm back to my normal wardrobe. Last week I wore these four favorites which I will probably rotate again this week...

Image result for target a new day ruffle sleeve tie waist dress
I have this one from Target in black, of course, but I wish I had gotten all the colors!

Merona Women's Striped Knit Swing Dress Black Stripe Sz XS NWOT
Another Target dress... This one is from a couple of years ago. I actually have it in white (with black stripes) for when I want to mix it up from my usual black and white. LOL. I absolutely LOVE that this has pockets. Again, I should have gotten the other color!

product photoproduct photo
These Old Navy dresses are inexpensive and are great staples to have in your closet. I got these over the summer on super sale, but they are still available! 

I'm always on the hunt for flattering and affordable black and white dresses, so if you know of any great ones, be sure to send them my way!

MAKING: a blanket
I've been working on a big project lately - a memory blanket for my little girl. I've been cutting up little tiny baby outfits and planning out the layout right now. It's tedious work, but lovely to look at! I'm hoping to start sewing soon!

We'll be celebrating our 10th anniversary in December and decided to take a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth! We are SOOOOO excited!

TRYING: to make blogging more of a habit
I've been so bad about blogging. Sadly, it just isn't part of my routine anymore. I'm trying to get better... Really! Blogs aren't really a thing anymore though, are they? Oh well... I'm hoping to add more content soon. Please leave me comments and love to keep me motivated.

WANTING: all the Ju-Ju-Be bags
Okay, confession time... Ever since I ordered my new lunch box, I've become a little obsessed about Ju-Ju-Be bags again. We have a few pieces, including a diaper bag and some organizational bags and I just want MORE, MORE, MORE! Check out this video or this one for inspiration...

FEELING: exhausted
The first week of school was just a little crazy. We had crazy thunder storms at dismissal on the first day of school and the days have just continued to challenge us. Our daughter keeps saying "mommy works after 5:00!" when our school day ends at 4:00. If she's aware that I'm working late, you know it's a problem...

ENJOYING: watching our daughter start school
Our daughter started Pre-K 2 last week and she is absolutely loving it. It is so much fun watching her. She loves learning which makes it so much more enjoyable. Plus she has an AMAZING teacher (who is actually a parent of one of my former students) so it has made the transition so easy for us. It is just wonderful to watch her as she has been growing up into a little person :)