August 20, 2018

The Lego Castle

It's done! Finally! I'm just thrilled and tickled pink by it!

It's been almost a month now... and I'm just that bad at posting on my blog! Oops! Anyway, last month, Hubby and I completed the 4,080 piece LEGO Disney Castle. You may recall that it was gifted to me for Christmas - two years ago - and in January of 2018, my sweet husband and daughter carved out a little corner of their play room to create a LEGO station for me. 

Quite honestly, I don't believe it ever needed to take this long to build. Hubby was pretty insistent that we share in the joy of building and make the fun last as long as possible... That meant that we only worked on the castle together, took turns building, and did small sections at a time, only building once every few weeks.

It. was. torture. 

But in the end, it was all worth it. 
Also, I secretly love that item 1 on my 18 for 2018 list was the first to be complete.