April 4, 2016

Currently... April 2016

So already a month has passed, and I haven't shared much here... Can you tell that motherhood is keeping me busy?!? Haha! Quite honestly, I have lots of baby stuff to share, but I haven't quite figured out how to share it without sharing too many details and images that I'm not comfortable sharing yet. Plus, we really have been BUSY! I went back to work last month and we have been learning new roles and routines as Hubby started his new work schedule and I have been trying to figure out how to not be a work-a-holic! So... here's this month's edition of "Currently..."

 WATCHING: absolutely nothing!  
I've got no time for it! LOL! And how ironic that a few weeks ago, we hooked up TV service for the first time in over 5 years... I honestly haven't watched a thing! 

Again! I don't know if you've caught on that I reread these books at the beginning of every year. It's like a personal race for me. I got a bit of a delayed start this year because, well, I was busy having a baby. Haha! We read baby books to her by day and novels to her in the evening. We're currently on the Chamber of Secrets. And I can't wait until the illustrated version comes out! We'll be long done with the book by then, but we're pretty sure it's one that we'll be reading over and over. 

LISTENING: to this song.
It seems to be stuck in my head a lot. I really wish Pentatonix would do a cover already!

EATING: Trader Joe's Chocolatey Coated Chocolate Chip Dunkers.
Hello! Have you tried these before? I don't know if I've ever told you how much I love these cookies... A lot of chocolate, a hint of coconut, the perfect shape for dunking (hence the name) and just the right size for having one or five (not that I'm saying I eat five in a sitting!) We don't have a Trader Joe's nearby for regular shopping trips, but now that we have family visiting us all the time, er, visiting the BABY all the time, we demand cookies in exchange for baby snuggle time. Seems reasonable, huh?

DRINKING: water...
okay, honestly... I'm not drinking enough water. Bad mommy! :(

WEARING: dresses
I'm back to my regular work wardrobe of daily dresses. Of course I have to be a bit selective of what I wear to make sure I can pump during the day. I recently got this dress from Kohls and I'm pretty happy with it. It's a really nice material and fits well. Plus, the style and sleeve length is great for this weird transitioning from spring back to winter again weather. Not to mention it fits nicely in my mostly black and white wardrobe. 

MAKING: lots of digital photo books of my baby girl.
I love the 8x8 photo books from Shutterfly and we've been able to create lots of free books (just having to pay for shipping). It's a quick and easy way for us to preserve memories and right now, I feel like I want to preserve every second of every day!

PLANNING: trips to Ohio to visit family. 
We're thinking of a trip later this month or early May. This will be our first long road trip. Then we have plans for our first plane trip in early June for my baby brother's high school graduation. I guess he's not quite my baby brother anymore... he has facial hair now - gasp! LOL! 

TRYING: to get everything done at work!
Work has been a challenge since I'm used to staying until 6, 7, or sometimes 8 at night. I have to rush out of there at 4:00 after the kiddos leave so I can switch off with my hubby, who starts work at 5. It's rough, but I wouldn't have it any other way. It is so comforting to me knowing that daddy is home taking care of my little girl. 

WANTING: a few more hours in the day... 
...and maybe a few more at night too. Haha! 

FEELING: a little tired
We recently found out that my iron levels are really low again. I had no idea, because I thought I was just tired cause we had a newborn at home. It was kind of reassuring to know there was a medical reason behind it, but it hasn't made it any easier. On top of my busy schedule, I'm having to fit in iron infusions which are just exhausting. We're hoping I'll be back to normal levels soon!

ENJOYING: watching my baby girl grow. 
She'll be 3 months next week. Where has the time gone?

So tell me, what are you up to this April?