December 10, 2014


Happy December! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed some time with family, had some yummy eats, and maybe did some shopping too!? :)

My mom came to visit the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and stayed with us through the following week. We didn't get to do our annual Black Friday shopping cause I wasn't quite ready for something so strenuous... plus my mom and hubby were a little nervous about crazy shoppers bumping into me. Yes, we're some of those crazy people who like to go out in the wee hours of the morning for a good deal! And shopping is serious stuff for my mom and me. Hubby calls her the Queen of Shopping! LOL! I guess that makes me Princess? Haha! Anyway, good thing there are so many online deals these days. We did get to do quite a bit of shopping from the comfort of our home and I'll admit to cheerfully calling "see you tomorrow!" to our dear UPS guy who carried many large boxes to our home several days in a row... Of course now that I've taken a break from shopping, I was able to pull together this month's edition of "Currently..."

WATCHING: some holiday movies... My favorite is Elf! What's yours?

LISTENING: to the new Pentatonix Album! 
I'm loving the cover of Fleet Foxes' White Winter Hymnal and their original song, That's Christmas to Me. And of course I can't get enough of Let It Go! :) I have it on random replay mixed in with their old Christmas album. Hubby keeps asking when we get to listen to something else... After Christmas, my dear... 

EATING: lots of yummies that my mom brought for us.

DRINKING: A little bit of water again. I'm finally off the meds that make things taste like minerals! YEAH! But... I have this memory that the water tastes like rocks, so I still THINK that does. It's odd... so I'm on a lemonade kick now...

WEARING: still wearing comfy duds. 
One of my sweet students wrote a letter to me that said, "I know you are probably wearing sweatpants and a tee-shirt since you are sick, which is fine, but remember to always wear a smile, it's the prettiest thing you can wear!" Too cute! :)

MAKING: my day planner all cute. I caught the Filofax bug while I've been home. I don't have an actual Filofax, but my Kate Spade is pretty darn cute. I'm sure I'll be sharing photos with you soon... 
(unfortunately, KS doesn't sell these anymore :( I'm so sorry!

PLANNING: to return to work next week... Is it time already?

TRYING: to get the house decorated for Christmas.

WANTING: to put up our Christmas tree... But I'm worried we don't have the space for it when my dad comes to stay with us in a couple of weeks... Oh the troubles of tiny apartment living! SIGH!

FEELING: a bit anxious about going back to work. In so many ways I'm ready, yet really not at all...

ENJOYING: a new app that Naki and I recently downloaded - LINE APP! It allows you to message each other using tons of fun emojis and stickers You can also make free phone calls and video messaging with friends - although I haven't tried those features yet! 

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