December 19, 2014

Friday Favorite: Line Camera

You may have noticed that I've ditched the FIVE in my Friday Favorites posts... I'm not good with adhering to the five rule anyway, always trying to sneak in a few extras or combining several items into one... So without the restriction, I can now write about how ever many favorites I please. And today, it's just the one.

Enter Line Camera.

Now I don't normally do this type of post. And quite honestly, I probably shouldn't because I'm always so behind the times. My apologies now if you already use Line App and Line Camera and are huge fans. But I must blog about it today because it has certainly become a favorite recently!

You may have noticed a few changes to the photographs here on the blog. First off, I'm working on adding more props to my photos. Secondly, I'm fancifying my pics on Line Camera. Notice the vintage frames, the cute sparkles, the light filters, and the new watermark with date stamp! Let me know if you love them or hate them, because that'll certainly determine how much effort I put into these pictures.

First of all, let me tell you that Line Camera is a FREE app for iPhone and Android. Don't you love it when we can all get along like that? :) I haven't used any other photo editing apps on my phone, other than what my iPhone offers by itself, so I'm no expert at these types of apps, but let me tell you that the ease of editing my photos on a smart phone (as opposed to the complex photo editing software on my computer, that still has me stumped on a regular basis) has changed the way I look at my photos, for sure!

The app does a great job of brightening and sharpening photos and does so with ease. There are lots of fabulous filters to add extra lighting, brightening, or even giving your photos a bit of a vintage look. Some filters include snow, flowers, or hearts bokeh as well, which adds an extra bit of fun. I like to layer my filters (add a filter, save, then open the saved image to add an additional filter). Plus there are tons of frames, like the film frames I enjoy, as well as simple ones, and lots of fun doodle and color frames too. And there are hundreds, no, maybe thousands, of fabulous stamps that you can add to your photos. I love the sparkle stamps to add a fun little flair to my photos and I've been enjoying adding a date stamp to my photos recently, which is a cool way to chronicle your memories. You can also draw or add text right on your photos, like the watermark that I add to mine. There is so much that you can do! And, if you want more choices, there are in app purchases for even more frames and stamps!

The app has lots of other features too that I haven't used yet, including beautification features, in app camera, collages, and more! I've only been playing with it for a couple of weeks, so I'm still tinkering a bit. But, if you're looking for a fun and easy photo app with LOTS of fun add-ons, I would totally recommend Line Camera. Plus, did I mention that it's FREE?!? Get it, quick! And do share your newly fancified photos with me! :)

Please note that all these opinions are my own. I'm not receiving any compensation for sharing this app with you (although I wouldn't mind some free frames and stamps in the app!). I'm just a HUGE fan! :)

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  1. I love your new photos, I think they're so much fun with all the sparkles and dramatic effects!! I personally love the sparkles very much so I'd say, keep the fun photos;-D