April 8, 2015

What I Wore: California Edition

Hi there! This week's edition of What I Wore... is all about my outfits in California. The photos are a little different this week, since I'm using a mirror and a few outdoor photos - which I'm loving. I wish I was brave enough to take more outdoor selfies!

DAY ONE: Carlsbad Outlet
shirt: jcrew factory / leggings: target / necklace: bar III / necklace: kate spade / shoes: sperry

Southern California was unusually warm, so our first stop was the Outlet mall to get new clothes!

 DAY TWO: Universal Studios Hollywood
 shirt: toms for target / leggings: target / sandals: aldo

I snapped this photo before heading out to breakfast in my sandals. I wore shoes at the park...

DAY THREE: Cabrillo National Monument & Las Americas Outlet
dress: max studio / cardigan: american eagle / sandals: aldo

This is at Cabrillo National Monument, which had such a gorgeous view! It was kind of fun to take a selfie outdoors like this. 

DAY FOUR: Disneyland
shirt: disney store / leggings: target / socks: disneyland paris / shoes: skechers

Disneyland is probably my second favorite place in the world. It's a close second to Tokyo Disneyland. *giggle* Obviously you can't see it in the photo, but of course I have my "ears" on. I have these awesome little clips that I got at Tokyo Disneyland years ago (similar). The ones linked here are similar in the fact that they are clips, but really nothing like the ones I have. I'm also wearing little Minnie Mouse socks that I got in Disneyland Paris a few years ago. They are short socks with little Minnie Mouse heads on the ankle. I love them! And then of course, my shirt, which I was so nervous about wearing because I thought everyone would have the same one - not a single person I saw had this on, but a LOT of people had on another shirt that I was very close to getting! Glad I chose this one! :)

Quick story about my Skechers: My step-mom is a HUGE Skechers fan and gets the same style of clunky white shoes every time she comes to the US. I talked her into getting a pair of Memory Foam sneakers instead (these ones). After our day at Universal Studios, she marveled about how comfortable and light they were, that I got some for myself too! 

DAY FIVE: Carlsbad (AGAIN) & Old Town
shirt: ralph lauren factory / leggings: kate spade / necklace: kate spade / shoes: sperry

We didn't finish all of our shopping at Carlsbad, so we went back again. This cute top is one that I had gotten on Monday and I picked out the necklace at Kate Spade. Bold, bright colors! So much fun to wear! Among our shopping finds were a cute pair of KS sunglasses for me, a couple of shirts for hubs, and another pair of Skechers for my stepmom - Hahaha.

And now, back to Maryland weather...

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