July 15, 2020

Christmas Part 2

I'm back today to share the rest of our daughter's Christmas pocket pages. These pages are her favorite photos from December and Christmas at home. 

Lots of puffy stickers on these pages! These are some of the goodies that she got with her gift card she received from Easter. 

Our little girl is always confused and finds it kind of humorous when she sees stitching on scrapbook pages (because sewing if for fabric, of course!) but she's getting adventurous with her pages and asked me to sew lines across her tab on this photo! Let me tell you, I'm kind of a nervous wreck doing stuff like this for her! I'm so scared I'm going to mess up her beautiful work! 

She's on to the next project now... I can't wait to share! This blog may soon turn into DEEsigns by Audra Dee since this little girl is doing way more crafting that I am these days!

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