July 6, 2020

Christmas in July

Since she's all caught up on her four year old photos, she said she ran out of photos and asked what she should scrapbook next. Hahaha. Our little girl was thrilled when we told her she could start working on photos from last year! She immediately asked if she could print Christmas photos first!

For Christmas, we traveled to Ohio to visit family. When she was working on her pages, she decided to show the different activities she did with each set of grandparents on each page. The left side shows photos with her Grandma and Bumpy and the right side shows photos with her Grammie & Grampie. 

She received a gift card to Felicity Jane for Easter from her Grandma and spent it on some Christmas goodies to decorate her pages. Of course, she dug through my stash to find some fun stuff too, including the snowflake sequins and fake snow, which she requested to be made into another "sprinkle pouch" so it would look like snow on the photo of her and my mom in matching winter coats. It's hard to see, but she added the "Brrr" to this photo which makes her giggle so much.

This page is the one she is most proud of. She studied a video from Sheree Forcier to learn how to make a "flip up". She is a mega fan of Sheree and was so excited to learn this technique! She also asked me to sew the ribbon for the tag on this card, which I love. I just adore all her little hearts and stars that she sticks here and there on her pages. 

So proud of this little girl and her work! I'll be back soon to share more!

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