April 1, 2019

19 for 2019 Progress

It's April, which means it's time for me to share my progress on my 19 for 2019 list!

1. Be the ultimate villain
I'm making good progress on this one! I only have 2 more villains to go - Captain Hook & Jafar. But did you see that there is an expansion pack?!? So excited for more villain goodness...
progress: 67%

2. Get a mani/pedi
I'm currently working on growing out my nails. They were kind of a mess and kept splitting during the winter months. They are finally growing again!
progress: 0%

3. Replace clothing basics
I haven't quite started this yet, although I've kind of started to mentally take inventory of what I need to replace
progress: 1%?

4. Make a capsule wardrobe
I mentioned that I've done a lot of purging of my closet and I'm living with just a handful of favorites right now, but it's not an official capsule wardrobe. Recently while we are in the middle of weird spring weather (you know the days that are cold, but not so cold that you need all the layers) I sometimes feel like I don't have enough clothes... I might have to rethink some of my options here.
progress: 0%

5. Read 6 new books
I've been on a reading frenzy lately and am already halfway through my sixth book!
progress: 83%

6. Find a planner I like and use it
I've been super busy at work so I haven't had a chance to even think about this. For now, I'm still using Office365 and using it the best that I can.
progress: 0%

7. Make a home binder
I've actually started putting things together in a binder. I'm still trying to test things out and then need to finish labeling stuff. So far it has been really nice keeping everything together!
progress: 50%

8. Fix or replace something old in our house
Nothing yet...
progress: 0%

9. Sell some stuff on ebay
My hubby and I have been working on this and we have already sold some items and we're still going strong! Since I set my bar low and the goal was just to sell SOME stuff, I'm happy to announce that I've officially checked this one off my list!

10. Get a new plant
progress: 0%

11. Decorate the play room

While we're still in the midst of selling stuff on ebay, we've been using the play room area as a sort of sorting and staging area... Eventually we'll be able to take back the play room and decorate it!
progress: 0%

12. Hang up artwork and photos
I made a little print for my husband for our anniversary and we hung it up right away. Other than that, we haven't hung up anything else, although we have some plans...
progress: 10%

13. Organize photos
Nothing yet...
progress: 0%

14. Make 2018 photo books
I'm about halfway done with one of them, so hooray for progress! Not sure how many photo books I had intended to make, but I'm going to go with two - one for the year and one for our Disney trip.
progress: 20%??

15. Update our family blog
I recently went on there and updated the format of the blog. I think I'm liking it...? More updates will be made soon!
progress: 50%ish

16. Make a quilt
I haven't touched it yet!
progress: 0%

17. Try a no spend challenge
Hmm... I should start thinking about this one soon...
progress: 0%

18. Save an extra $500
Since selling stuff on ebay, I'm happy to say we've put the extra money in the bank already!

19. Take a vacation
We just bought our tickets for our trip to Japan, so it's official!
progress: Can I count that as 25%?

So there you have it! My progress so far this year. I feel like I'm leaps and bounds ahead of where I was last year. How is your list coming along?

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