October 23, 2014

What I Ate... Breakfast and Dessert

Hey there! I'm glad you're back for more pics of all the yummies I ate while I was in Hawaii last month! Today we're here for the best parts of the day - breakfast and dessert!

Breakfast/brunch is probably my favorite meal of the day. Here at Moena Cafe, the Crab Benedict became a fave. Fave as in I came here twice and ordered the same thing! :)

Koko Head Cafe was another fabulous brunch spot (and also one where we actually remembered to take lots of photos.) They are known for their WonTon of the day (although I can't remember what the flavor was!) It's like an art!

We also ordered a fruit bruschetta. Oh my YUM! Appetizers for breakfast was such an intriguing concept to me! I LOVE IT! 

I opted for the Hawaiian Pancakes... They were so delicious, they didn't even need syrup! And they were so light and fluffy, it was almost like eating cake for breakfast (although I have been known to do that from time to time...)

But now, for the best stuff... Desserts... First let me share what we had at my Grandmother's 80th Birthday party. Along with a Guava Chiffon birthday cake, we had a dessert bar which included Mini Key Lime Tarts (right), Blueberry Cheesecakes (middle), Coconut Panna Cotta (left), a yummy Chocolate Cake, an Almond Tort, and Malasadas. Although, I feel like I'm forgetting one more... Yeah, we like our desserts, can you tell?

During one of our shopping outings, we made a quick pit stop at Il Gelato Hawaii where I had some Green Tea Gelato.

Do you remember my dessert post last month, where I proclaimed Tiramisu as one of my favorite desserts? I wasn't lying. Here we are at The Plumeria Beach House, where I tested out their Kona Coffee Tiramisu. It was served with Chocolate Macadamia Pistachio Biscotti - yum. 

Not my dessert, but beautiful isn't it? This is the Hawaiian Sorbet - Coconut and Mango, I believe...

At House Without a Key we had the Coconut Cake (which I forgot to photograph!) and the Dulce de Leche Cheesecake with Macadamia Cumble. So beautiful... but not too beautiful to devour!

And finally, this one tops it all...  The Tiramisu Cup from the Honolulu Coffee Company. Oh my goodness. What deliciousness this was. The perfect coffee break during our shopping outing. :)

Hope you've enjoyed sharing my yummy treats! I totally wish you could be there to share it in person! :)

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