May 6, 2013

Crafts from the Past: Dot Art

Back in March, we hosted a fun event at school - Dot Night - based on the lovely book by one of my favorite authors, Peter H. Reynolds.

book cover of the story the dot, consisting of an illustration of a girl painting a giant orange dot, with the text the dot wirtten in the middle.  author name peter h reynolds is written along the outside lower right edge of the dot.

One of the tasks given to us to help promote Dot Night was to create a piece of art with a dot focus. I decided to make a large dot by rolling strips of paper. By the way, if you've never googled "rolled paper art," I totally recommend doing so. The image results are rather amazing. 

Here's my rainbow dot...

I bought a cheap frame and took out the glass, so the dot pops out of the frame. Here's a close up...

The art works were raffled off to help raise money for our Special Areas and Arts programs. The event was tons of fun and it was lovely to see all the amazing pieces of art from all of our teachers who insisted they didn't have a creative bone in them. :) 

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