July 24, 2012

A Little Surprise...

I received quite a bit of a surprise last week when I began receiving congratulatory e-mails from some of my stamping friends... Thank you! I had no idea what it was all about at first, but I was quickly filled in by my friend Patti that one of my cards was featured on the Main Stage Jumbotron at the Stampin' Up! Convention.

photo courtesy of fellow pal, Kris Kilcoyne

I was quite shocked and tickled to hear the news! :) I wasn't there, so I missed out of all the fun, but my upline, Mary Fish, and many of the Pals were there. Thankfully, Kris Kilcoyne snapped some great photos for me. Thanks Kris!

Here, Bonnie Thurber, CASEs my card on the Jumbotron.

photo courtesy of fellow pal, Kris Kilcoyne

Here's my original card from the March Pals Blog Hop next to Bonnie Thurber's CASE. What do you think?

I'm still a bit in shock here, but I wanted to share the news with you! Thanks to all of you who shared the great news with me! I would be completely in the dark if it weren't for you! Did anyone else get to see this in person? 


  1. I was there, Nina...we were so proud of you and screamed and hollered! Susan

  2. Not a little surprise -- a BIG surprise. The Pals hollered and hooted for you. It was the only card that was CASED! We are all so proud of you. That means next year you have to come.

  3. I wasn't there either -- how exciting for you! Wow! Cool! You could CASE yourself for all seasons!

  4. Wow, that's awesome! But not a surprise, your work is in a class all it's own. Very cool!!! Erika