March 1, 2016

Currently... March 2016

Hi there! It's me again! I thought it might be nice to see what's going on with me lately. It's been a while since I've done one of these... here's this month's edition of "Currently..."

 WATCHING: Good Mythical Morning
This show is so ridiculous, but always gives me a good laugh. Plus, the short episodes and quick access makes it easy for us to watch in small spurts in our busy day.

READING: Spark Joy.
I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up last year and ate it up. I was so excited to finally get my hands on the sequel. Have you tried the Konmari method yet?

LISTENING: to the baby monitor. 
I always have one ear open to it. 

EATING: Shrimp Caesar Salad. 
Love it!

DRINKING: lots of water.
Gotta stay hydrated!

WEARING: leggings.
I live in these Mossimo leggings from Target. They go on sale regularly for $10, which I love.

MAKING: some surprise projects...
hoping to share them soon!

PLANNING: for family visits at the end of the month. 
My mom & step-dad from Ohio are coming at the beginning of spring break and my dad and step-mom from Japan are visiting at the end of the break. It will be busy here!

TRYING: to get myself back on a normal schedule.
Baby schedule is soooo different from my work schedule!

WANTING: another week at home...
I go back to work on Monday. I still need time to adjust...

FEELING: a lot of love. :)
I had no idea I would fee this way about this little lady who has completely captured our hearts.

ENJOYING: my last few days at home with my baby girl!

What are you up to this March? 

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