January 4, 2016

New Year... New Me...

Happy New Year Friends! :)

Surprise! I'm back for a quick hello!

I'm sure you've guessed it, but there is a lot going on around these parts lately, which is why I've disappeared (yet again!)

My goal is to get back into blogging soon, but I want to warn you that the content here might be changing up a bit... We've recently moved into a home and are getting ready to welcome a little one into our lives in just one short week! YIKES! A lot has changed in a year! :)

With that said, I'm sure you can understand that I might be a little preoccupied and a little focused on other blogging topics. I hope you don't mind! Quite honestly, I haven't picked up my crafty stuff in a looooong time (except to pack everything away into moving boxes.) But I'm thrilled to share that our new home has a space just for my crafty things and I'm hoping to figure out some way to carve in a little me time, after our little one arrives!

I'm sure we'll see how things go... Hopefully you'll hear from me soon!


  1. Yay mama! So good to see you back! (ish...lol)

  2. Dee -- great to see you back and marvelous to hear the wonderful news. I am looking foward to sweeing photos of you and the new addition!