August 5, 2013

Crafts from the Past: Chalk Art

Several weeks ago, I mentioned that I had completed a few crafty projects around the home. I promised to share them, so here I am today with one of them...

Chalk board Art has been around for a while and I adore the look of it. Being an educator, I like to have tiny touches of school in my home. Unfortunately, chalk and I aren't fans of each other, so it hasn't been too easy for me to try it out. When Stampin' Up! came out with a Chalk Marker, I was quite thrilled. Although it's not REALLY chalk, (it's a permanent marker with a chalk-like look) I figured it would work for this project.

Ages ago, Hubby and I put up a gallery wall that I'll have to eventually show you. I haven't shown it yet because it's still not 100% finished. The completion of the chalk art project I'm showing you today brings us one step closer! :) It's in our foyer (if you can call it that), which is really a little corner with three doors (the front door, a closet door, and a door that leads to the bathroom) that opens up to our dining room. Centered above the closet door, I hung a pretty frame that I had picked up at Home Goods with a piece of chalkboard vinyl in it (also from Stampin' Up!). I finally got around to adding text on that piece of chalkboard vinyl. Here it is:

I've known what I wanted it to say for a while now... Our pup is a huge part of what makes this place a home, so I knew that little saying was perfect. It's simple really. I didn't go all fancy like some of those chalkboard art pieces out there. The Chalk Marker is thick, so it doesn't allow for a ton of detail. That's all right because I mostly just wanted it to have a saying since the frame is so pretty and ornate, not necessarily be chalk ART. Oops. Maybe I should have titled today's post "Framed Chalk Saying" instead. Plus, for my first attempt, I didn't want to go all crazy. At least not yet. I'm hoping to try out something a little more detailed in the future.

There are a ton of fabulous Chalk Art tutorials out there. Here are a few of my favorites that I've rounded up:

I'm leaning towards trying out the chalk pencil next time

She used to do displays for a living, so she knows what she's talking about

This one is great if you are't as inclined to freehand the writing

Be warned, there are over 300 pins... You'll be here for a while.

These fonts are also great for other print projects too!

That's it for now... I'll be back with some more craftiness soon! Have you attempted some chalk art? Do share!

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