April 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Sis (Part 2)

Today sure has been busy! We're exhausted after a long day of partying with the Cuties. We went bowling and then hung out back at the house to enjoy cake, presents, and a cookout. I'm back to share the birthday gift we got for Little Sis and the card I whipped up for her this morning.

Hubby and I often buy the girls books as gifts for all the special occasions. They have a mini library with everything we've gotten them. :) So of course, it was only natural that we bought some sort of book present for Little Sis. The girls love to read, so buying them books isn't a total bore, but it's gotten to the point that when they get a book, they say, "Oh, this must be from Ker & Nina..." even when it isn't from us! So, we try to be creative with our gifting. Last Christmas, we bought them a mini fold out couch for reading of course, along with a stack of books.

We actually considered getting a non-book gift this time, but when we found the perfect gift, we couldn't resist. As I was going through some mail, we came across a flier from Hallmark, advertising their interactive storybook buddies. We instantly fell in love and just had to get this little guy.
You see, the girls love playing a little game called Raccoon, which Big Sis actually invented herself. I don't understand it entirely, but it seems to mostly involve a bad raccoon (usually grandpa) being tied up, fed and trained to be a good raccoon. The girls love it and it is quite a popular game around here. Watson the Raccoon seemed like a perfect choice for Little Sis, the birthday girl. Naturally, I had to make a card to go along.

It really didn't take much time or planning to make this little guy. I just cut the pieces by hand from Going Gray, Basic Black, and Whisper White card stock and trimmed and pieced them together as I went.

We laughed when Little Sis pulled Watson out of the gift bag and said, "Oh... a skunk...!" But soon, the interactive book and buddy were quite a hit with all of the little kiddos at the party.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend so far! We are definitely relishing the last few moments with family before we head back home...

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