July 15, 2010

Oh Brother...

I'm one of those lucky girls who has little brothers. Though they can sometimes be a pain, they are usually good company. Like the other night when my 9:00 shipment of Stampin' goodies came, my twelve-year-old brother offered to stay up with me and make some cards.

He had so much fun that the next day, he made another card. I appreciate his enthusiasm and willingness to take part in one of my hobbies.

But even more than that, I think I appreciate his sense of humor.

Gotta love boys!


  1. my sons will sometimes come in and make cards, it is fun to see it through a boys eyes.

  2. Oh what fun! Cute cards! I love it when my son stamps with me!

  3. That is fantastic! First of all that you have such a wonderful relationship with your brother (he wants to do things with you) and second his sense of humor. Best wishes :) mj