January 1, 2009

Ribbon Flower DEErections

Here's a step-by-step tutorial of my ribbon flowers.

Materials needed: card stock, ribbon, circle punch slightly larger than your desired flower size, Sticky Strip, scissors

1. Punch out a circle slightly larger than the desired flower size in a card stock color that closely matches your ribbon.

2. Cover your circle with Sticky Strip.

3. Trim your Sticky Strip.

4. Remove Sticky Strip backing.

5. Pinch the end of your ribbon and adhere it to the center of the circle.

6. Begin twisting your ribbon and pressing it onto your adhesive circle, around your center.

7. Continue to twist your ribbon around the center. (It's okay if it isn't perfectly centered!)

Twist your ribbon until you reach your desired flower size.

8. Pull back your ribbon slightly and trim around the edge of your flower.

Your circle will look like this when you flip it over.

9. Add a piece of adhesive to the back, at the edge of your flower, where your ribbon ends. You can use some Sticky Strip or a Glue Dot.

10. Pull your ribbon behind your flower and adhere it to the back.

11. Trim the end of your ribbon.

12. Trim around the edge of your flower. Cut closely, but be careful not to cut the ribbon!



  1. Okay, now that I know how to make a ribbon flower, I think I will! Thanks, Nina!!

  2. Brilliant tutorial Nina, I've been admiring your new banner and can't believe how simple they are to make!

  3. WOW, Nina, I love the way these look and I think I will have to try making one. Great tutorial.

  4. Love the flower, Nina. Can you estimate how much ribbon you need? This would be great to use scraps but need to know the length before I start. Thanks,
    CB Ü