February 25, 2015

Sparkles and Sprinkles

You may have noticed my recent obsession and accumulation of sparkles and sprinkles, or at least, that's what I affectionately call them... :) I think it's becoming a problem because I'm starting to find them all over the house. *giggle*

I picked up this little organizer box in the Target Dollar spot last month and it was perfect for my then, very small collection. I spent part of an afternoon sorting and organizing my sparkles and sprinkles (don't laugh!). Most of what I had was from Stampin' Up! (the In Color Sequin Assortment and the Frosted Sequins are shown below). 

The organizer is so perfect because the size is similar to the Stampin' Up! cases and stack really well with my other embellishments that are stored in those. The compartment dividers also slide out, so you can make larger sections if needed. I didn't realize that until after this photo was taken, and you'll see that my snowflakes in the bottom right corner are stored in two separate compartments, but not any longer! 

My collection has since grown quite a bit and I have completely outgrown this box! As in, I could probably use 2 more... Hahaha! My sweet husband has searched high and low at several Targets to look for more boxes for me, but hasn't had any luck. :( Apparently lots of crafty people had the same idea? No doubt, compartment boxes like these are uber useful. I nearly cried when I heard the sad news that the boxes weren't available anymore. Nevertheless, I wanted to share the photo because it is so super pretty!

P.S. If anyone can find these containers at their Target, I will happily buy them from you! 

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  1. It looks so pretty all sorted! You know you're always welcome to sort my new collection too...;-)