February 2, 2015

Currently... February 2015

Hello February! Last year at this time, I had just fallen and realized that I had a pretty bad concussion. So making it this far in the year without any major issues has been really good for me!

Here's what's going on with me "Currently..."

 WATCHING: Oh my goodness... We just watched the Book of Life and it was FABULOUS! I love kids movies and this one is just AWESOME! Quite honestly when I saw the preview the first time I wasn't interested at all, but I saw the preview a few more times and thought it looked like fun. My hubby surprised me and bought it for me last week and we popped it in a couple of nights ago. I LOVED IT! It's a great story and has so many life lessons in one movie. 
We're also hoping to get Downton Abbey Season 5 soon! I can't wait! Yay!

READING: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I finished the first and second books and am continuing on... 

LISTENING: to a lot of classical music. My drive to work is only five minutes and I hate to turn on my normal radio station to get hooked into some silly conversation for just 5 minutes, so I've been listening to the public broadcast. I'm so hooked that I listen to it live on the computer too. I've liked it so much that I even donated to their recent pledge drive.

EATING: chocolate covered cranberries by Dove chocolate. Yum!

DRINKING: water... or at least trying to get more water drinking in my daily routine.

WEARING: lots of boots - tall boots, short boots, snow boots, rain boots... all kinds of boots!

MAKING: a giant mess in my craft space! Haha! I've been crafting quite a bit and my least favorite part often gets ignored, so the piles of cardstock, extra embellies, tools, etc. is getting a bit out of control... 

PLANNING: Our big Cupcake Inspirations 300th Challenge Celebration for March 1st. Will you be joining us? I'm back to full time creative director and sponsorship coordinator at Cupcake Inspirations, which is keeping me quite busy! I'm going through DT Call applications, trying to fill our sponsorship calendar, selecting our future challenge inspiration images and planning our big celebration. Busy! Busy! BUSY!

TRYING: to blog more often - have you noticed? My current goal is three blog posts during the week plus the Cupcake Inspirations post on Sunday. And I'm trying to include one non-card post a week. Trying...

WANTING: a regular week... Please! Our weeks have been totally thrown off from holidays, teacher work days and snow days lately. We haven't had a full week of school since the first week back from Winter Break. The kids at school are crazy and can't get settled into a routine. I can't seem to figure it out either! Ha! We have a teacher in service day this week, so anther 4 day week for our students...

FEELING: extremely frustrated with our new printer. GRRR! I've been trying to print out pages for my day planner and this printer is not doing what I want! I know I promised to show you my day planner decorating soon... It hasn't worked out that way because this printer just isn't cooperating! GRRR!

ENJOYING: some fun new crafty goodies that I just recently ordered. More sequins (YAY!) and some gemstones/bubbles, some fun new dies, and washi tape. It's always exciting to play with new toys!

Hope your January was great. Any highlights to share? What are your up to in February?

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  1. I absolutely ADORED this movie too: I felt like sprinkling my entire life is lots of pattern and Dio de Los Muertes!!!!!! This movie had so much deep meaning Dee::: I am so glad to see someone else loved it as much as me!