February 9, 2015

Happy Mail!

So you may be aware that Naki and I are quite good buddies. Not only do we enjoy virtual crafting together and talk every day, we also love sending each other happy mail! Basically, we keep a box handy and dump treats into it as we collect them. Once the box is full, we ship it off! It's tons of fun because we never know what we'll get or when it will arrive! A box from Naki arrived earlier last week and was full of lots of fun goodies!

Naki always wraps things up in a super cute way. This package is half of the Kraft Edition Project Life kit. I didn't photograph them once I unwrapped the white paper, but she had sets of cards wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string - so cute!

Here is a photo of some of the other goodies Naki sent:

Don't laugh, but some of the stuff that she sent me were Christmas things. We had talked about making snowglobe jars with bottle brush trees, but didn't start thinking about it until it was a bit late. Naki surprised me by getting me supplies anyway. She told me about them when she got them, and I just had to wait until the rest of my box was filled up! I am loving these teeny pink trees! She also sent me jars of fake snow (see those on the left side?), along with some pretty pink sequins (you know how I'm loving sequins right now!) We talk about Target dollar spot finds often and we keep an eye out for things that each other's stores don't have - she sent me some baker's twine, a note pad, some washi tape and mini clips. Naki also stamped a mini canvas bag (in the background) and sent me a couple of plain ones that I could decorate myself. And lastly, a bunch of die cuts from My Favorite Things - I can't wait to use them! The box was also filled with some fun Sanrio goodies too! They just aren't photographed.

One of the things I love about filling up my Happy Mail box for Naki is addressing her box. I've been getting into hand-lettering lately and playing around with lettering envelopes and such. This is the box that I sent to her. My sweet pup, Molly was helping me out  :) Now I'm off to go add a few more goodies to her box...

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  1. I love it! How sweet of a friendship you and Naki have::: I absolutely love the typography in your first photo and that sweet feather:: Beautiful!