March 9, 2010

Crafty Mama

I've mentioned that I come from a family of crafty ladies. My mom is one of them. She's done a variety of needlework crafts, including knitting, crochet, needlepoint and cross stitch, but her current love is sewing. She loves making one-of-a-kind bags. Here are a few of her fabulous creations!

I call her bags Sew Type A - every detail of every bag is absolutely perfect! She currently sells them only to family and friends (lucky for me!), but I think she should share her talent! Perhaps your comments would convince her!


  1. oh she SO should set up a blog and market them! the material from that first one has me drooling! and those pleats on the last one--it shows that she's a perfectionist. she'd get good coin for these babies, but the question is, does she want a business?

  2. LOVE them... She could deffinately sell them. I could see them doing quite well at a little boutique, or even on EBay. Tell her to go for it. What is she sell them for? Lucky to be so gifted.

  3. I agree! They are fabulous! Maybe start with a small craft market if she doesn't want to be absolutely flooded with orders on the internet!! TFS!!!

  4. I would buy one!! Let me know if she ever changes her mind!! The second one is my favorite! I actually sew and can appreciate the talent she has!


  5. PLEASE, please please set up a blog and sell your BEAUTIFUL works of ART!! I absolutely love the second bag, but would really like to see more .... let me know if she decides to sell outside the family!! From what I can see, her workmanship is Impeccable!!