October 1, 2014


Hello October! I'm so sorry that I've disappeared again! :( I was on vacation and didn't have a chance to finish up my posts when I returned. I've been dealing with some more health issues, which has kept us busy. I'm trying to get back to regular posts, (keep your fingers crossed!) so, here we go... Ready for a new edition of "Currently..."? Here's what's going on with me...

WATCHING: I just finished watching all the training videos for work. Haha. I guess that's not what most people consider entertainment :)

LISTENING: to the new Pentatonix album.  
Are you surprised?
I've also been enjoying listening to Hubby plink around on the ukulele I brought from Hawaii for my little brother. Hope he doesn't get too attached...

EATING: Delicious cookies and treats that I brought back from Hawaii. 
I'm especially enjoying the giant jar of cookies that my mom got me from Honolulu Cookie Company!

DRINKING: some yummy teas that I got while in Hawaii - Pineapple Black Tea and Strawberry Guava Tea :) YUM!

WEARING: some new dresses and lots of new baubles that I got in Hawaii. 
Are you sensing a pattern here?

MAKING: a mess! It looks like Hawaii exploded everywhere in our house (hmmm... I wonder why...?) I guess I need to clean up a bit!

PLANNING: for a possible upcoming surgery. Things are still kind of iffy right now, so we're not sure what will be happening in the near future.

TRYING: to decide if we should move or stay where we are a little bit longer. 

WANTING: a little more time to think and plan...

FEELING: a little nervous about the recent health issues I've been experiencing. 
I'm not thrilled about the idea of undergoing surgery or all the things that we have to think about to plan for this. 

ENJOYING: time with hubby and our pup :) I missed them while I was away! Plus, it's always so nice to have a warm puppy snuggle when you aren't feeling well :)

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