September 3, 2012

The Counselor Is In...

So I survived the first week back to school... Well, just barely... :)

It seems I spoke too soon when I told you last week that things were calmer than usual. Basically, Friday kicked our butts. Haha! Thank goodness we had a three day weekend to recover...

Unfortunately, I've spent the weekend sick in bed while my dear hubby cares for our sick puppy.

But enough of this boohoo talk! On to more exciting things!

I've been working on my office door and am finally ready to unveil it... Tada!

And here's the bulletin board that sits right next to it.

Too bad what is beyond the door isn't ready too share yet... In due time, my friends :)

Meanwhile, I must get going and rest up before tomorrow's Open House!


  1. No wonder you were SO busy! This is TOO CUTE, gal pal! Can't wait to see the inside, Nina;-)