February 1, 2013

Five Friday Favorites: Bunting, Garland, and Streamers, Oh My!

February already? Wow! Crazy, right? So I guess it's about time a share a little more of the randomness in my brain... I've been loving bunting, garland and streamers for a while now, and I just want to hang them up all over my house! :) How many of these is too many in one space? Here are a few of my favorite stylings:

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1. Framed bunting with a fun message from Jess McClenahan's home featured on Life Made Lovely. Genius. 

2. Pom pom flower garland from Once Wed. Yes please! This color combination is so unexpected and lovely. 

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3. Tissue paper tassel garland from HGTV. Not just for parties, although they are quite festive indeed!

4. Paper dot garland from Oh Happy Day. Not your average crepe paper streamer! I actually made a strand, which surprisingly took a lot of patience! But the end result was well worth it. 

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5. Coffee filter giant pom pom garland inspired by Anthropologie from Pamela Garrison. Oh, if everything from Anthropologie could be displayed in my home...

And there folks, are my current favorites in the bunting, garland, and streamers department. What are your favorites? Do tell! Share some below if you will! Now, I'm off to decorate my home with these lovelies. Stop me before I hang up too many... How many is too many?

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