January 13, 2014

Crafts from the Past: Birthday Chair Banner

Back in November, we threw a little surprise party for my friend, Rebecca. I enjoyed being the mastermind behind the project - mostly because I like bossing people around, like her husband. Haha. Let me tell you though, It's not too easy to throw a surprise party for someone in their own home, especially when you don't live in the same home. I spent some time crafting some special details for her, including this special Birthday Girl Chair Banner, inspired by the cute banners from CMHandmade. Sorry for the crummy pictures... I was in a hurry to make the banner and snap a few photos before sending everything off to surprise party storage.

Whenever I make party decorations, I try my best to make things that are useful beyond the party. I wanted to celebrate the fact that she turned 30, but I knew that would mean my hard work would eventually end up pretty useless... pretty, but useless. So instead, I hand painted the words "Birthday Girl," which I thought would help to get plenty of mileage since her two little girlies could enjoy having a special birthday chair banner at future parties. The ribbons can easily be switched out to match another party's decor. And we all know I have tons of ribbon, so Rebecca need only stop by to have it refreshed. Now I think I kind of want one of my own... 

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